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Are you interested in a Bachelor or Master thesis at the Chair of Business Administration, especially Financial Services?

You are able to start with your thesis at any time. Contact us via the contact form by denoting your prefered topic. Please inform yourself about the offered subject areas:

  • Lars Kürzinger, M.Sc.
    • Asset-Management
    • Sustainable Finance und alternative Investments
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Insurance Economics
  • Philipp Stangor, M.Sc.
    • Asset Management
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Econometrics of Financial Markets
    • Digitalisation of the Financial Sector
  • Jonas Krettek, M.Sc.
    • Bank Regulation
    • Portfolio and Capital Market Theory
    • Risk Management
  • John Stiebel, M.Sc.
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Capital Market Theory and Capital Market Abnormalities
    • Digitalization and Transformation in the Financial Industry
  • Anne-Marie Ossig, M.Sc. 
    • Bank Accounting
    • Sustainable Finance
    • Risk Management
  • Johannes Schlüter, M.Sc.
    • Sustainable Finance
    • Portfolio and Capital Market Theory
    • Derivatives 

Please consider the formal guidelines for scientific papers when you are writing your thesis.

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